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How Rolex Became a Household Name

3 Things You Should Know About Rolex’s Rich Heritage

The name Rolex has been associated with luxury and high fashion for more than a century, and such is why these watches are still much sought after today.

Rolex GMT Master Batman buyer
Rolex GMT Master Batman buyer

In the realm of luxury, a few names dominate the sphere. When most think of luxury cars, they think of Lamborghinis or Ferraris. In the area of high fashion, names like Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana are known throughout the world. Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet are definitely high-quality luxury watches, but few brands can boast household name status like Rolex. Below are three interesting facts about Rolex’s history that even some of the most well-versed watch connoisseurs don’t know. If you own a luxury watch, knowing a lot about your watch’s manufacturer is essential, especially if you plan to resell the watch one day to luxury watch buyers.

– Rolex wasn’t Always a Swiss Watchmaker

In 1905, the Geneva-based watchmaker was founded as Wilsdorf and Davis by two Englishmen, Hans Wilsdorf, and Alfred Davis. Three years later, the brand’s name was changed to Rolex. Following the conclusion of WWI, the company moved its operations to Geneva to avoid post-war taxation that was going to cripple the watchmaker. In 1920, the brand’s name was changed once again, this time to Montres Rolex-SA. Years later it’d become just Rolex-SA, the name it’s known by today. Knowing whether or not you possess a pre-Geneva-Rolex is essential, especially if you plan to sell a Rolex for cash. The older the timepiece, the rarer, and more valuable it could be.

Rolex Oyster watch buyer
Rolex Oyster watch buyer

– The Name is Easy to Pronounce in All Language

It does sort of roll off the tongue, doesn’t it? It turns out Hans Wilsdorf intended for such to be the case—he wanted to give his brand a name that one could easily say regardless of what language they spoke, and Rolex, being onomatopoeic, sounds like a watch being wound. Also, all the uppercase letters in “Rolex” are the same size, and each one can be written symmetrically. The five-letter brand name also fits nicely on any watch face.

– Is Owned by a Private Foundation

The billion-dollar business is actually owned by a private charity, the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, and does not pay any corporate income taxes. It’s not widely known how much the foundation gives in charity; in fact, a spokesman for the foundation declined to provide details on the foundation’s charitable contributions in 2011. It is said, however, that the foundation has gifted generously to the Geneva community. Over 800,000 Rolex timepieces are made each year, and it seems like this brand will never fall out of favor with those buying and selling luxury watches.

– Where Can I Learn More About My Own Rolex

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