Local Professional To Sell Your Jewelry

Local Professional To Sell Your Jewelry

Why Trusting A Local Professional To Sell Your Jewelry is a Wiser Investment.

The thrill of purchasing jewelry is accompanied by the rush of acquiring a new piece of treasure to wear and cherish.

However, when the time comes to sell jewelry for financial or personal reasons, there are undoubtedly several questions that tend to float around in one’s mind.

  • What is my jewelry worth?
  • Who will buy it?
  • Where do I sell it?
  • Whom can I trust to give the correct value for my jewelry?

These and other questions are not quickly answered by just going online and searching random websites and forums for approximate estimations of worth. Selling your precious valuables should be dependent on those with the expertise and experience to appropriately assess not only the quality of your jewelry but the rarity and consumer demand as well.

This is why choosing a seasoned professional at Cook County Buyers, and an A+ accredited BBB buyer, is one of the wisest decisions one could make when finalizing the sale of previously owned jewelry. This article will break down the key points that distinguish between choosing between a trusted buyer and randomly attempting to determine the proper course of action on your own.

Professional Buyers Have Seasoned Experience

Mike Jacobson Jewelry Appraiser Chicago
Mike Jacobson Jewelry Appraiser Chicago

Professional jewelers and jewelry buyers take their craft and expertise very seriously. They are not wholesalers online merely trying to turn a quick buck or pawn shop sharks seeking to gain the most out of your jewelry for the minimal amount of investment. Also, beware hobbyists that offer wild estimations of what your jewelry could be worth on a whim after they provide advice that is conspicuously below or above the value of what your pieces genuinely are. A professional jewelry buyer knows what your jewelry is worth because he or she has had years of experience handling and inspecting jewelry from modern day to hundreds of years ago. You wouldn’t trust a random blogger to teach a university class in history would you, so why would you believe casual “critics” on the internet to appraise and value your jewelry? Choosing Cook County Buyers not only guarantees that your jewelry will be reviewed by a seasoned specialist, but it will give you the peace of mind that you will not be ripped off or end up selling your jewelry for less than what it is actually worth.

Each Piece is Personally Inspected and Appraised

Some of the more terrible nightmares regarding jewelry resale often occur when a seller elects to buy jewelry collections as “lots” without taking the time to appraise the value of individual pieces. Scenarios such as this occur when the seller is put between a proverbial “rock and a hard place” to just “sell everything at once” often resulting in a quick and rushed selling decision that is usually regretted. Don’t be the, “Why did I ever agree to that?” seller. Choosing a reputable buyer that actually takes the time to analyze and appraise your pieces individually is the correct course of action when it comes to selling your jewelry. If desired, you may then choose to either sell the pieces separately or sell them as one lot for a price you both agree to accept.

A Professional Buyer Knows the Current Trends and What Your Jewelry Is Worth

As with anything in the fashion industry, jewelry to has upticks and downturns in popularity and perceived value. Something that was considered gauche or out of style thirty years ago may have its own fresh “renaissance” of popular interest. Long-standing and iconic brands such as Tiffany, David Yurman, and Cartier, for example, have stood the test of time and have a wide-ranging scale of value. However, there are some lesser known brands or new companies that other buyers could overlook in value and demand. Cook County Buyers specializes in knowing these market trends and perceived consumer demand and adjust their prices fairly accordingly. They will pay the best and highest price possible for your jewelry. You will not have to fear to discover after the fact that you sold your Tiffany engagement ring for half the resale value of what it was truly worth to a buyer that decided not even to recognize the brand at all. This is especially important when reselling your jewelry as many “off-the-cuff” buyers online, and other pawnbrokers are merely trying to make as much money as quickly as possible, and will not dedicate the time and expertise necessary to appraise your jewelry correctly.

You Will Be Treated with Respect and Not a Number

Lastly, but not least, when you choose reputable jewelry buying professional to work with in person, you will be treated as a human being with dignity and respect, and not as some random “to do checkpoint” on a list of other potential buys. You are not a number; you are a person with jewelry to sell that is meaningful to you, and you deserve the time and care it takes to make sure that your jewelry is handled and assessed correctly. Cook County Buyers meets each client in person at his or her convenience and adds that personal touch that anonymous online sales or random pawn shop deals cannot offer. The jewelry selling process is first and foremost on your terms, and they make sure that you are comfortable during each step of the process. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about any individual piece with the informed response of a professional immediately, instead of the hassle of back and forth emails or phone calls that may or may not even address the question directly. Always remember that you are the owner of your jewelry and you deserve the time and care necessary to make the right decision regarding your valuables.

Conclusively, when it comes to selling your jewelry, you should always trust a professional in person with the expertise and experience to assess its worth correctly. Otherwise, value and quality can be lost in the anonymous, and often rushed process of buying and selling that occurs too often with online selling and pawn brokerage. Do yourself a favor and choose Cook County Buyers for your next jewelry selling experience; you and your wallet will not regret it.