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When Is the Right Time to Sell Your Used Rolex?

Occasionally, the market will place a very high value on a luxury good. A decent price on high-end things may be acquired by timing the market well. In 2008, people were melting down Rolexes for gold; today, the watches are worth five figures as collectibles. If you’ve been wondering, “When is the best time to sell my Rolex?” we’d advise right now!

When selling my Rolex, what do I need to know?

Of all the Swiss watch manufacturers, Rolex is by far the most well-known. Rolexes are an internationally recognizable symbol of style and quality due to their impeccable construction, classic design, and durability.

Time to Sell Your Used Rolex?

The names “Submariner,” “Datejust,” “Explorer,” “GMT Master,” “Oyster Perpetual,” and “Milgauss” have entered the watchmaking hall of fame. Although Rolexes have always been highly sought after by collectors, the current market is particularly strong for selling these timepieces.

Time to Sell Your Used Rolex
Time to Sell Your Used Rolex

Here are a few things to consider before moving further.

The authenticity of Your Rolex

More knockoffs of a well-known brand might be expected as demand rises. This is also correct concerning wristwatches. Even though Rolex only produces about 700,000 new watches a year, many more Rolexes are being released into circulation.

  • A genuine Rolex does not make the usual “ticking” sound. It has an extraordinarily low level of noise.
  • A fake Rolex watch will feel much lighter than a genuine one.
  • Check out the “cyclops” lens that sits atop the date/day display and magnifies the numerals. Usually, this isn’t there in a fake.
  • When compared to a real Rolex, a fake has jerky second hands.

How old is your Rolex?

A serial number is engraved on every one of the world’s most renowned timepieces, and it may be used to determine the exact production date and other details. It is common practice for Rolex to engrave the serial number between the bracelet lugs and the 6 o’clock side of the case.

Strap removal requires inserting a small pin into matching holes on opposite ends of the accessory. After that, the serial number will be visible (preferably note it down).

Exactly how rare is your Rolex?
Exactly how rare is your Rolex?

Exactly how rare is your Rolex?

Rolex has a rich and eventful history. Although the firm has released numerous models throughout the years, a select few have become iconic.

There are a few Rolexes that will forever be etched in legend; the Bao Dai belonged to the last Emperor of Vietnam and is considered a one-of-a-kind timepiece. In 2017, $17.8 million was paid at auction for Paul Newman’s “Exotic” Rolex Daytona 6329.

When is a good time to sell your used Rolex?

Rolex watches are in great demand right now, and with the current shortage of luxury watch options, now is the perfect time to sell one. There are specialized buyers all around the world that are on the lookout for a Rolex, new or old.

If you have a sought-after Rolex to sell, such as a Submariner, Daytona, Sea-Dweller, or even a James Bond Rolex, our selling service might help you get more for it than ever imagined.

When is a good time to sell your used Rolex?
When is a good time to sell your used Rolex?

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