Cash Assets Gold, Diamonds, Platinum

4 Best Assets to Sell For Cash Now!

We all know that gold, platinum, diamonds, and Rolex watches are valuable. But let’s talk in more detail about the four best asset classes and what to expect when selling each. Cook County Buyers is interested in buying all of these categories, and we promise to pay the most for them too! Give us a call or text today for an estimate and same-day appointment.

Gold & Platinum Jewelry

Most people will have something to sell from the gold and platinum jewelry category. You may have some old gold chains and bracelets that have been sitting in your jewelry box for years. Or perhaps you have a unique heirloom piece that has been in the family for generations. In either case, you could choose to sell unwanted jewelry for cash at any time. It’s as good as money in the bank. Basic gold will be worth the scrap value, while better pieces such as antique platinum rings or designer signed gold pieces could be far more valuable. With gold and platinum prices reaching new highs, now may be the best time to liquidate your gold and platinum jewelry.

Sell Designer and Branded Jewelry

Gold Jewelry Buyer
Gold Jewelry Buyer


This category is a little more tricky than selling basic gold or platinum jewelry. Small lower-quality diamonds can be worth as little as twenty-five cents per stone, while top-grade GIA-certified larger diamonds can fetch tens of thousands of dollars! Imagine an old 1980’s cluster diamond ring with 100 small diamonds all in a big bunch. These used to be prevalent decades ago. They tended to use low-grade commercial quality diamonds. Well, these are the types of diamonds that might only be worth a quarter apiece. So if you have jewelry with tiny diamonds, please don’t get your hopes up too much. However, if you have a round two-carat, GIA-certified diamond with F color and VS1 clarity and excellent cut polish and symmetry, you might expect around $20,000. Diamonds as an asset class are also very liquid. Consider selling your diamond for cash today.

Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds
Sell Diamonds

Rolex Watches

Everyone knows the brand Rolex. It is easily the most popular and coveted brand of fine watches in the world today. And while many other watch brands are far superior in quality and accuracy, none will ever command Rolex watches’ premiums. For some highly desirable sport model Rolexes such as Daytona’s, the used market price is even higher than the current retail! And in most cases, if you bought your Rolex 15 years ago, the used market price will be close to or higher than your original purchase price. Rolex is one of the only brands in which this is true. Some antique and scarce Rolex watches sell for over a million dollars in high-end auctions. For this reason, Rolex watches are one of the best assets to sell for cash now.

Sell Gold Rolex Watch

rolex watch buyer
Rolex Watch Buyer

Gold & Silver Coins

This asset class is also very cut and dry. One can quickly check the current market price of gold and silver and immediately determine his gold or silver coin collection’s value. Of course, some unique or rare coins will be worth far over the simple gold or silver value. For example, a Carson City Morgan silver dollar with a rare key date can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, whereas a standard Morgan dollar is only worth around $20, give or take.
The price of gold or silver coins and bullion will also fluctuate with the current market supply and demand. When the gold and silver market price increases quickly, a premium is usually applied over the current market price. One might expect anywhere from one or two percent to over ten percent, depending on market demand versus the current supply. Gold and silver coins and bullion are an extremely liquid asset class. Some folks consider gold and silver to be the only real money and don’t believe in the value of fiat (paper) currency at all. But let’s leave that discussion for another time!

Sell Gold and Silver Coins

sell gold and silver coins
Sell Gold and Silver Coins