Back to Business Amidst Covid-19

During this difficult time, everyone is looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve all endured lockdowns in our homes to help stunt the spread of Covid-19. Finally, it seems society is beginning to open back up. However, we cannot just go back to the way things were before the virus; we must adapt to a new way of life.

Hi there, Mike here, from Cook County Buyers. We have done some business in the past. After two months of staying home, I am back to work and meeting clients again at my Northbrook office. I’ve taken advantage of my break to rebuild one of my websites for selling designer jewelry. Please explore the freshly designed website and contact me with your thoughts. I really would appreciate your feedback!

Before Covid-19, if a client came into my office wearing a mask, I’d be reaching for the panic button. Now I have to be concerned if a client arrives NOT wearing a mask. I use hand sanitizer before, during, and after our meeting. I use Clorox wipes on all high contact surfaces regularly. And the hardest part is social distancing. I’ve moved my client chairs to the other end of the office. I’d prefer my client right up close as I go through her items.  

Although no one enjoys these additional requirements, we must do it in the interest of safety. I miss the days of shaking my clients’ hands and sitting them right across from my desk. The warm fuzzy feeling I used to get now feels cold and formal. I think handshaking will become a thing of the past. Years from now, we’ll look back and say, “Can you believe we used to touch other peoples’ hands? What were we thinking?”

The good news is, we can finally get back out in the world and do something. As long as we wear our masks and keep our distance, we should be OK. Getting out for a walk on a sunny day may help defend against the virus by strengthening the immune system. I found this article interesting if you want to read more.

Almost every business had to transform its operations, but at least most are open again. When it comes to dining, curbside pick up is better than no access at all. And some restaurants are setting up tables outside to allow for proper social distancing. At least we can get some fresh air and sunshine during our meal.

We must stay positive during this pandemic and accept the novel way of doing things. No one enjoys wearing a facemask to work or out in social settings. I feel especially bad for nurses and doctors who must wear them for long shifts. But we will get used to this new norm after some time, and we must do this to prevent the spread of the virus. And just like everyone else, my business must go on.

If you are interested in selling any jewelry, I’m available to meet right away. Please contact me to schedule a “mask to mask” meeting.

Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Stay safe
Mike J.
Cook County Buyers