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Why Is Estate Jewelry Valued Around the World

How Is Estate Jewelry Viewed Around the World

Throughout the world, there are many different cultures, each with its own unique practices, traditions, beliefs, languages, etc. From North America to the Far East, people have been valuing jewelry for a long time, estate jewelry in particular. While estate-jewelry often refers to jewelry owned by someone once living, it can also apply only to jewelry that has already been held. In some cultures, jewelry is collected and displayed quite frequently, and in others, it is only adorned for special occasions. If you’ve ever wondered why some cultures cherish estate jewelry while others prefer selling estate jewelry, read on!

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Chinese jewelers have been crafting magnificent pieces for centuries, some say since the Neolithic Period. Back then, animal pendants, typically made of jade and other exquisite stones, were crafted and worn because many believed these brought supernatural powers to the wearer. Thousands of years later, Chinese jewelers would specialize in creating designer jewelry, and women would typically wear beautiful pieces in their hair; these pieces were usually gilded and studded with precious diamonds. Estate jewelry has long had cultural importance in China, though today, many from Shanghai to Beijing are choosing to sell their jewelry.

Middle East

In the Middle East, it has long been a staple. In Turkey, North Africa, Afghanistan, and all the land between traditions of passing down jewelry has been prevalent for centuries. The Middle East’s jewelry history is a rich one. Many of the world’s most exquisite pieces are inspired by creations from this region. Also, because the Middle East is home to the three monotheistic religions, a lot of ceremonial jewelry has come from the Middle East. Today, pieces of antique jewelry from the Middle East are much sought after, and it’s for this reason, among others, that many in the Middle East are exchanging centuries-old pieces for cash. 

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American Culture

Passing down there pieces is a widespread practice for most American families, and you’ll find that many American millennials still wear pieces that once belonged to a distant relative. Other holders of estate jewelry choose to sell their pieces to finance significant purchases, like a down payment on a home or new automobile. Reselling antique jewelry is also attractive because many dealers offer to buy in cash. Americans are great at getting the most bang for their buck, and such is why many holders of estate jewelry in America sell their pieces to recoup on their original investments.

Where to Sell Your Estate Jewelry

When it comes to selling, there undoubtedly are a lot of options out there. But that’s not to say all dealers are created equal. Of course, some buyers take a piece off your hands for some quick cash, but then there are buyers, like Cook County Buyers, that take the time to examine and accurately value your piece of estate jewelry. Dealers like CCB are the people to visit if you want to get maximum value and genuine satisfaction from selling your estate jewelry.