How to Sell Your Jewelry and Precious Metals

All Your Questions Answered: How to Sell Your Jewelry and Precious Metals to Cook County Buyers

How long have you had a piece of gold jewelry or precious metal sitting around your house? Maybe you inherited some sterling silver trinkets from a dear, loving aunt and you’ve held on to them for far too long. There they sit, in the bottom of your jewelry box—unused. Or, maybe you have unwanted silverware cluttering up your basement. You know that you’d rather have money in your pocket than antiques in your house, but you don’t know where to sell them.

Or what’s more, you may have a wedding ring or engagement ring that is a painful reminder of a broken relationship. It’s hidden out of sight somewhere, but you know it’s there. Wouldn’t it be a relief if you could sell that old ring and close that chapter of your life?

You know that these items are not bringing you joy. You know they need to go. You want to get rid of them, but you don’t know what your gold is worth. You need an honest person to tell you.

What is My Jewelry Really Worth?

How much is my jewelry worth?” is by far the #1 question that I get asked by my clients. If you’re looking into selling gold or diamond jewelry for the first time, you may have been discouraged (even shocked!) by the low return you’ll get for them. Unless you are selling a diamond certified by GIA or a top designer brand you know what it means to feel the “ouch” of retail versus wholesale pricing.

You may also feel intimidated carrying your valuable items around from dealer to dealer. Pawn shops and dealers may make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. What’s more, you may wonder if you can trust them. Some dealers may come across to you as sleazy. You have no idea if they are giving you a fair price, and you’d rather not carry your precious items around to many different locations searching for the best offer.

You need someone you can trust. You need someone you’d be comfortable with, at a location that makes you feel safe. You need someone who will give you a fair price that you can trust and treat your valued items with care.

I’m Mike Jacobson with Cook County Buyers, and I will do just that. I buy designer jewelry, diamonds, gold, and silver. I work by appointment only, and I will give you a more competitive offer than anyone else.

Who is Mike Jacobson?

You may be wondering who I am, and why you should trust me with your precious jewelry and valuables. Let’s set your mind at ease.

Mike Jacobson Jewelry Appraiser Chicago
Mike Jacobson Jewelry Appraiser Chicago

My Long-term Jewelry Experience

I’ve been working in the jewelry industry for 22 years, and I understand it from every angle.

  • I started in my uncle’s pawn shop when I was only 13 years old, cleaning and refurbishing gold and diamond jewelry.
  • During high school and college, I worked for Rogers & Hollands Jewelers, and was one of the top sales people out of over 70 stores throughout the Midwest.
  • After graduating from UIC with a bachelors of business, I went on to manage several different locations and overall have spent a total of 10 years working in the retail jewelry industry.

What this experience means for you, is that I am able to be compassionate with my clients. I know firsthand what you paid for your jewelry at the retail store. Not many buyers can say that!

In 2011, I started Cook County Buyers, and have been buying gold, diamonds, and top designer jewelry ever since.

The secret to my business’ success is actually no big secret. I take better care of my clients than any other buyers, I treat them like real people, and I give them very competitive offers.

Stellar customer service and diversified buying has kept CCB strong through the ups and downs of the gold market.

Did you know? 90% of the world’s gold supply has been mined since the California Gold Rush.

I buy diamonds, silver, antique and estate jewelry and designer jewelry. That diversification lets me service clients selling both high-value branded jewelry and ordinary diamond and gold jewelry equally as well.

Fun fact: The largest diamond ever discovered? In 1905, the 3,106 carat Cullinan diamond was unearthed!

My Customer-First Business Model

Knowledge is power, and it’s very important to me to educate sellers so that they know how they can get the most for their jewelry. I take the time to educate every client on the worth of his or her piece, and explain how the wholesale jewelry market works.

You’re going to know a lot about gold and diamonds by the time we’re done meeting!

Another way that CCB stands out from the rest is that I work by appointment only. This is the key to how I can give you the most competitive offer for your jewelry. I would much rather keep my overhead low and put that savings back into my client’s pocket than to waste money on unnecessary staff and office hours.

I Will Work Around Your Schedule

Even though I work by appointment, I am still able to respond shockingly fast to my clients. There are many times when you will receive an immediate response from my business.

I am also able to give you instant valuations by text message or email that are 90% accurate. No other buyers offer this service.

I Meet You Where You Feel Safe

Cook County Buyer’s Office Location
(By Appointment Only)

The CCB office in Skokie is the best location to assess your valuables. It’s created with my clients’ comfort and convenience in mind, and has professional lighting and scaling equipment at the ready. I can evaluate your items quickly and efficiently, in a secure environment where you will feel safe.

Location of Your Choice
(Home, Public Restaurant, Etc.)

Several of my clients are unable to come out to my office for one reason or another. Either it’s difficult for them to get out, or they don’t own a car. In the event that you are unable to meet at my office, I will come to you at a location of your choice.

Competitive Rates and On the Spot Payment

Once I carefully determine the value of your items, I will make you a better offer than anyone around. My in-person offer is always my best, and it’s always fair.

I am also able to pay you immediately with cash or check. That’s money right in your pocket for something you no longer want or need.

Amazing Reviews

I have wonderful reviews on Google, and a flawless record on Yelp. The reason? I offer a quick service, and I offer the best prices.

Here are some examples reviews from my customers:

“Mike was awesome to work with! I texted him pictures of my gold and we set a date to meet. He came to my house on a Saturday afternoon – I was home by myself with a newborn and felt 100% comfortable as Mike was honest, sincere, friendly and professional. He went through each piece of my jewelry and discussed pricing with me. I will call him again in a heartbeat with future jewelry sales and will be recommending Cook County Buyers to all of my friends.”

“I have done multiple transactions with Michael and every time I am treated as if I were his top client. He always delivers quality products at more than fair prices. Highly Recommend giving Michael and Cook County Buyer’s your business!!!!”

“I called and went to a few places to get an quote for my ring and I wasn’t happy with what they were offering me, then I was online and found reviews for Mike and gave him a call. He told me to send him a picture of my ring and he got back to me right away and quoted me a price. I was happy with his quote, def more than other places i went to. Met him up the next day and he made the process very easy. Very honest.”

What is it Like Working with Cook County Buyers?

Sell Sterling Silver in Chicago
Sell Sterling Silver in Chicago

You may be wondering what it’s like to work with Cook County Buyers. Why are all of my reviews stellar? Because every customer experiences the same rapid pre-qualifying quotes, convenient and in-person appointments, and competitive offers.

I follow a strict process that ensures my customers are served fairly, safely, and swiftly.

Step 1 – Rapid Prequalifying and Immediate Quotes

The moment I receive a message or phone call from you, I begin my work. I’m able to offer you rapid pre-qualification after I quickly analyze the information you’ve sent.

For example, if you send me a photo of your jewelry and paperwork, I reply with a quote range through text or email. If your items are accurate to the description that was given, my offer will almost always be within the range that was mentioned in the preliminary estimate.

I give real numbers right away, before we even set up an appointment. This sets me apart from other buyers who will offer one price over the phone, but might give much lower prices in person.

Why do I quote upfront? I don’t want to waste anyone’s time – not yours, and not mine.

With me, there’s no haggling or mess. That gives us more time to conduct a proper transaction. I will always take the time to educate you on your items and clearly explain the “why” of my offer price. I’m very open to questions because I want my clients to understand and feel comfortable with the process.

Step 2 – Easy, Convenient Scheduling

The next step in the process – once you consent to the quote I issued – is to schedule a meeting. This meeting can happen wherever you like, and can happen as quickly as the same day. I do this because I want this meeting to be on your terms – there is no need to turn any aspect of this process into a hassle.

When you work with Cook County Buyers, you won’t need to worry about traveling to an unsafe location. I am usually able to make appointments at my office the very day that you call.

Step 3 – In-person and Transparent Valuation

Every transaction is personable because we will be meeting face-to-face. I want every interaction to be transparent and simple for my sellers.

I will explain each step I take to determine the value of your items. After determining the quality of your piece, I will give you an offer based on the fair market value that day.

Step 4 – Competitive Offer

Being transparent and accessible is pretty good, but my service is nothing without unbeatable offers.

I’m able to offer better compensation for your valuables than competitors because my overhead is low. I don’t have any employees, and I only maintain a small personal office. These things give me the freedom to offer higher prices to my sellers.

Selling To Cook County Buyers
CCB is a Five Star Estate Jewelry Buyer

To top it off, after you have agreed to sell, I always give you your money right there, on the spot! You walk away with cash in your pocket for an item you no longer want or need.

How Does Cook County Buyers Compare to Other Retail Buyers?

You may be wondering how my business lines up with my competitors. What do I have to offer that others do not?

Their Location Is Iffy

Often pawn shops or cash-for-gold locations are located in a neighborhood you’re unfamiliar with, or one that may make you feel unsafe.

As stated before, I won’t ask you to go to a location that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. I make it a point to meet where you feel safe, and my studio office provides an ideal environment for consultations.

They Won’t Quote You Quickly

Unlike my business, most pawn shops or cash-for-gold locations won’t quote you quickly and accurately. They may make you travel to their location to get a quote.

Even if they do give you a quote over the phone, it’s often a big number to get you to come in. Once they see your item in person, they’ll often drop the offer because of a detail you were not aware of.

They Are Less Transparent

Many places will quote you a price without any explanation. They’ll tell you a price and claim that it’s fair, but without knowledge of the market, you won’t know if you can believe them or not.

Other shops may want to take advantage of your inexperience and hope that you’ll take any offer. They may low-ball you or give you a price that is well below value.

When I work with clients, I always make sure to explain each step of my valuation process. I want to educate my sellers and make them feel involved. If they have any questions, I am more than willing to answer.

They Offer Lower Prices

Many pawn shops or cash-for-gold locations will offer lower prices than I do on pieces. Plus, they may try to rope you into high interest loans of 5-25%.

Unlike my business, pawn shops have to maintain a shop front and employees. Their higher overhead costs mean they have less profit margin to offer than I do.

Because I keep my costs and overhead so low, I am able to offer above average prices to my sellers.

What Will I Buy From You?

I specialize in diamonds, gold, silver, and designer jewelry from designer brands like Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, Cartier, Van Cleef, and many others. I also specialize in antique diamond jewelry from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

However, I often buy ordinary gold and silver jewelry, wedding rings, and silverware as well. If you have a question about what you are selling, I’m easy to get a hold of.

Estate Jewelry Buyer in Chicago
Estate Jewelry Buyer

What I Buy

  • Branded (name brand) high-end jewelry
  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Silver (Flatware)
  • Loose diamonds
  • Antique diamond jewelry
  • Unwanted scrap gold jewelry
  • Silver coins
  • Silver bullion bars
  • gold coins and bars
  • Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands
  • Sterling flatware, teapots and anything else marked “sterling”

Call or Text Cook County Buyers Today

It’s time to re-evaluate those unwanted jewelry items you have in your home. It’s time to clear out the clutter and put cash in your hands.

Clear out the jewelry that’s in your home taking up space. Don’t hang on to those painful pieces of jewelry which remind you of divorce, broken relationships, or the passing of a loved one.

Call or text me today at 1 (773) 490-9828 to get the best offer. I’ll make things easy, and I’ll give you a full education on the items you’re selling.

You can leave knowing that you received the best price from an experienced, trusted specialist in the gold, diamond, and silver markets. Bring your unwanted items to me, Mike Jacobson with Cook County Buyers, and you’ll leave with cash in your hand.