Janet's scrap gold worth $1068

Sell Your Jewelry to Raise Cash for Holiday Shopping

Sell Your Jewelry for Holiday Shopping!

Its that time of year again, but rather than running up a huge bill on your credit card, here’s a better option:

Sell your old gold, diamond, and silver jewelry for cash today!

Did you know that even a small pile of unwanted gold jewelry can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars? For example, if you have a gold ring that’s weighs about the same as a quarter, that will be worth over $100!

Sell Your Jewelry to raise Cash for Holiday Shopping!

4.7g 14k gold bracelet worth $85

Check out the sample photos below to see what Cook County Buyers recently paid for gold items.

4.7 gram 14k gold bracelet was worth $85


24.3 gram heavy mens 18k gold ring with diamonds was worth $565

Furthermore, if your items contain diamonds, the value can be MUCH higher. The 2 diamonds in the men’s ring above were small, but still worth an additional $75!

24.3g 18k gold mens ring worth $565

24.3g 18k gold mens ring worth $565

Next here are a couple of recent stories that had very happy endings for clients of Cook County Buyers.

Janet needed some cash to buy her children a new Xbox One for Christmas. She also needed to buy a new dress for her daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Janet called and asked if we also buy broken or damaged gold items. She didn’t think her little pile of gold was going to be worth much, especially since most of it was damaged. Here is the result of Janet’s meeting with Cook County Buyers:



58.9 grams of 14k gold and Janet received $1068!

Janet's scrap gold worth $1068

Janet’s scrap gold worth $1068

Needless to say, Janet was thrilled, and was able to buy everything she needed with money leftover!

Jason recently contacted Cook County Buyers, with some gold to sell. Once meeting with Mike, Jason was thrilled to learn that a small white stone in one of his rings was a diamond! Even though it wasn’t that big, the quality was very high. See the photo of his little diamond sitting on a quarter.

5/8 carat princess cut diamond, Jason received $575

Jason's princess cut diamond worth $575

Jason’s princess cut diamond worth $575

As you can see from the examples above, selling gold, diamonds and other jewelry is a great way to raise cash for your holiday shopping. And you won’t be dreading the credit card statement in January!

Give Mike a call today and we can turn your little pile of unwanted jewelry into the holiday gifts your loved ones deserve!


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