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Let’s face it. When it comes to selling your gold and diamonds, it’s a seller beware world. One subtle form of bait and switch has angered gold and diamond sellers for years, and it happens when a potential customer calls a gold and diamond buyer to request a quote over the phone, but instead of giving an honest buying offer, the gold buyer provides a false, unrealistic price just to lure the seller into an in-person meeting.

Once they arrive at the meeting, sellers learn the real cash offer extended by the gold and diamond buyer is actually much lower than the quote they received over the phone. What’s more, sellers can feel pressured to sell on the spot and take the unfair offer.

3 red flags a gold and diamond buyer is providing you a low-ball offer.

  1. They dispute the karats. Dishonest gold and diamond buyers will haggle with consumers trying to persuade them their item weighs less than it actually does. Be sure you know the karat value of your gold jewelry, which is typically marked inside the diamond ring or gold watch.
  2. They weigh different karat pieces together on the scale. Because karat weight greatly affects the value of a diamond, you need to be careful that items of different karat weights are not priced together with the lower karat piece devaluing the higher karat jewelry item.
  3. They undervalue the current price for gold. The market price for gold fluctuates daily, and you need to know what the current price is before finalizing your gold buying transaction. At Cook County Gold Buyers we post the Kitco market price for gold daily on our homepage to keep our gold buying process honest.

    Gold and Diamond Buyer in Chicago

    Gold Ring and Diamond Buyer

At Cook County Gold Buyers we save our customers time and money by not sending them on a fool’s errand after phony offers. Owner Mike Jacobson has a strict gold buying policy that prohibits these unfair practices. His price may not be the highest, but you can have confidence knowing Mike will stand by the price he provides over the phone.

Here is how our convenient gold and diamond quote process works:

  1. Fill out the form on the Contact Us page on our website.
  2. Mike Jacobsen will follow up with you within 24-hours to schedule a time over the phone to discuss your gold items in person.
  3. Mike will ask you to answer several key questions about your gold items before he can provide you with an accurate offer. The key information you will need to provide about your gold and diamond jewelry includes: the approximate purchase date, the purchase location, and the purchase price.
  4. Mike will also ask if you have any certificates of authentication available for your gold, and if you can identify any important markings on the piece.
  5. Mike will come up with a ballpark estimate of value right over the phone.
  6. Cook County Gold Buyers will call or email you with an accurate quote for your gold and diamond jewelry.
  7. Next, you will schedule a meeting with Mike Jacobson in a safe, public location or in his Skokie location so that you can meet him personally, and you can watch as he examines the gold items in your presence.

At Cook County Gold Buyers, you can rely on us to provide you with an honest, accurate estimate over the phone, and we will walk you through our price evaluation process step by step. If you are ready to get started selling your gold and diamond jewelry, call us today at (773) 490-9828 or complete the form found on the Contact Us page of our website.