Selling A Gold Watch?

Selling A Gold Watch

Luxury Gold Watches and Why Everyone Wants Them

According to a recent Bain & Co. article, the global demand for luxury watches continues to grow year over year despite an economic downturn, political turmoil and fluctuations in currency, So what fuels our appetite for luxury watches, and how can you profit from America’s infatuation with these luxury timepieces?

In a recent Forbes article, luxury jewelry expert, Maria Doulton offers an explanation for what makes luxury watches so attractive to the American public. “Perhaps people are looking for something enduring that is beautifully conceived and created, an object that gives pleasure, reassurance, or confidence each time it is worn. A luxury watch speaks to us year after year, even generation after generation. Of course we don’t need a luxury watch, but we treasure them. Treasuring something is an inherent part of our nature.” You can take advantage of the demand for luxury watches by purchasing a new or used luxury watch or selling a luxury watch you already own.

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Buying a new luxury watch

If you are thinking about buying a luxury gold watch, be sure the manufacturer and the brand will hold its value. According to the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, (COSC), three companies have remained the market leaders in precision timepieces for several years. Rolex takes first place, followed by Omega, and Breitling with Patek Philippe following in fourth. Gucci and Cartier are two other luxury watch brands that are highly sought after, and each of these luxury watches will hold its value for years to come.

The second key to success when buying a luxury watch is to research which watches have increased their retail prices over the years. Retail price increases indicate high demand, which can push the price of your luxury watch higher in the future. Keep your watch well maintained through regular service and hold on to all original containers and documentation that come with your new watch.

Buying a used luxury watch

If you find the price tag for a new luxury watch is out of reach, you may want to consider buying a used luxury watch. The best way to purchase a quality luxury watch is to find a local gold and jewelry buyer whom you can trust. An experienced gold buyer will guide you through the luxury watch buying process. Working with an experienced gold buyer, you can find a used luxury watch that is in good condition, has proof of authenticity, and is within your price range. If you would like to purchase a used luxury watch, check out Cook County Gold Buyer’s eBay site to view a great selection of authentic luxury watches.

Selling a gold watch

When selling a gold watch, you can make a profit in the luxury watch market by selling one you already own. Again, the key here is to find someone you can trust, and who will offer you a fair price for your watch. Watch out for buyers who want you to mail your watch to them before they make you an offer or want you to meet them in an unsafe, private location. If you are looking for a buyer for your luxury watch who is convenient and honest, please contact Michael Jacobson at Cook County Gold Buyers at (773) 490-9828.

Cook County Gold Buyers buys solid 10K, 14K, or 18K gold watches, vintage nugget style gold watches, diamond and gold or platinum watches, and genuine Rolex or other high-end watches. Cook County Gold Buyers treats all of their customers with respect. Rather than traveling to multiple jewelry stores or being ripped off at a mall kiosk or pawnshop, owner Michael Jacobson will evaluate your luxury watch, and he will pay you cash on the spot, if you decide to sell a gold watch.

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