Sell Diamonds and Gold For Cash

Sell Diamonds and Gold For Cash

When you sell gold to Mike,you will get 75% to 80% of the Gold’s spot value

This translates into a higher payout to you, the seller, meaning if he pay you $1000 for your gold, when he sells

gold amethyst sapphire bracelet

David Yurman

it to the refiner, it will net him around $1200 to $1250 depending on what happens to the price of gold.

When buying diamonds I work on an average profit margin of only 5% to 15%

So if your diamond has a wholesale value of $1000, I would pay you around $850. Larger diamonds will net you up to 95% of wholesale value. For example, if your diamond is worth $10,000 I will pay you around $9500.

Most buyers would need to pay much less in order to cover expenses such as rent, employees, and other major overhead costs.

Remember, that when you sell gold to Mike, you will receive TOP dollar for your diamond and gold items.

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